Accelerator Overview


Accelerator Overview

What is an Accelerator?

  • Set of logic placed onto the SAP ECC and/or SCM system to close a known functionality gap or to extend capability beyond the original intent of the native SAP product
  • The Accelerator is normally comprised of ABAP code and custom tables (where necessary)

Why is it called an Accelerator and not a Solution?

  • Our many years in the industry has taught us that every customer’s SAP implementation is different – even if they are on the same software version
  • The “acceleration” comes from a core set of code that can be applied to any system and can then be used as the baseline which is then extended/enhanced to work with the specific intricacies of the customer’s implementation

Is it different than if I hired a contractor to build it for me?

  • Time: instead of the full design, development, and test life cycle, an accelerated solution is normally ready anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks
  • Quality: Accelerators provide higher quality solutions in two ways
    • Your contractor would be starting from scratch where these Accelerators are being used in production systems at some of the highest transaction volume companies in the world – the solution is vetted
    • Our developers are the best in the world having come directly from senior ranks of SAP Labs – no one knows how to create custom solutions that compliment and not conflict with native structures better than them
  • Cost: the solution is presented in a fixed-cost structure that is designed to be less than what it would have taken a senior developer to accomplish from scratch