Basic Methods




ATP Confirmation Cockpit
(ATP Log, Analytics, & BOP execution)


Problem: SAP provides the user a wealth of information about a sales order confirmation at the time of order entry but history of those details are lost once the order is saved or adjusted. Business Operations teams need the ability to see how order confirmations trend over time – is the limiting factor product availability, allocation, bad configuration?

Solution: This accelerator logs every availability check processes on a sales order, provides a report to filter/query/display the results, and then allows for action by enbling a direct execution of BOP from the results screen

Allocation Management Center

Problem: Your operations teams want to manage their Product Allocations quantities on a regular basis but SCM’s DP Planning Books are slow and cumbersome. The Planning Books do not allow you to post updates in real-time to either the Planning Area or the PAG tables, track all changes to the Allocation quantities, or access allocation CVCs based on transactional data values


Solution: The Allocation Management Center is a bolt on to APO that allows for flexible management of Allocation quantities. Build on a ALV grid structure, the xls-like user interface is up to 12x faster than managing in Planning Books while allowing multiple users to update data simultaneously. The user can access data not only by characteristic values but also the combination of transactional data quantities. For example, the user can select the characteristic values they own but limit the data set to show “only CVCs where Allocation Consumption is > 0” or other open quantity-base queries

Allocation Threshold Report

Problem: Business Operations teams need to monitor order consumption of Allocations to determine proper mix and adjustment actions. There is no dynamic, real-time method for this in the standard system

Solution: The report allows the business team to set search criteria on Allocation consumption and then quickly view SCM data to find what CVCs are within or outside of the selected ranges. Performance is 10-12x faster than viewing data in the Interactive Planning Book

Delivery Quantity Capture for Product Allocations

Problem: when orders consume Allocations, partial delivery quantities do not update the Allocation consumption to show that there are still units available to consume

Solution: The deliver quantities will be posted into the Allocation tables and update the Incoming Order consumption quantities so that the true Allocation consumption is reflected

Flexible Period Allocation Distribution


Problem: Requirement from forecast, marketing or production requires a flexible distribution of periods in product allocation between organizations. Standard SAP just enable period handling in a limited way

Solution: Enable the use of a combination of organization schemes according to marketing, production or forecast with great flexibility in backward, present or forward consumption (not available in allocations). The application of complex schemes is limited by SAP, this accelerator overcomes the limitation

Combination of Basic Methods and Production


Problem: SAP triggers the execution of Production either after analyzing the GATP basic methods or without considering them at all, this has the limitation of having a possible confirmation from both sources in an earlier date than the one determined by either procedure

Solution: This accelerator enables the system to decide which is the best available date provided by the results from BOTH procedures - basic methods and production