Labs / Prototypes


Labs / Prototypes

Our team is constantly thinking through new ideas and pinging our network for ways to make the SAP APO platform more valuable to the user base. We are currently prototyping a number of concepts that may or may not make it into the marketplace but are fun to explore...

  • Mobility - wouldn't it be great if your sales force were able to execute product availability checks and basic order management right from their mobile device at the customer site?
  • ATP Dashboard - taking advantage of new graphical interfaces, we are tying all of the relevant ATP data into a single dashboard for business operations planners to efficiently manage their products
  • New UI for Allocation Management - isn't it time we had something faster and more flexible to manage our Product Allocation quantities other than a Planning Book interface?

Thought of other areas you think would be interesting for development? Drop us a line as we are always looking for collaboration partners and great ideas.


Example of Mobile Order Management prototype