Value Proposition


Value Proposition

Business Teams... are you tired of compromising your supply chain operations requirements because the native SAP capabilities don't fully support your needs? Do you sit in meetings with your technology partners tirelessly pushing to close functional gaps only to hear the words "sorry, the system just doesn't do that"? We understand your pain and have been hard at work creating specific functions to close those gaps allowing you to get the full value of your SCM implementation.

Technology Teams... your business partners are desperate for a real-time report, a new algorithm, or just closure of a few known system gaps. But the analysis, design, development, and test time is prohibitive and that assumes you have the right development skills on your team. The Accelerators we have built close these gaps and are ready to transport into your system for prototyping and testing within days.

Accelerators... in addition to the consulting services approach, we believe that companies encounter similar sets of issues when trying to implement SAP's SCM modules. In order to leverage our experience and accelerate the acceptance and gap closure, we have developed a set of programs that close known gaps and allow your team to quickly move beyond the common stumbling blocks and focus on the true business value.

Our team is comprised of x-SAP Labs development architects and business industry leaders that have combined to provide a set of solutions to maximize the use of native structures for implementation ease and supportability. Our solutions and consulting experience have helped the following companies meet their demanding supply chain goals

  • Apple
  • Georgia Pacific
  • Intel
  • Lego
  • McKesson
  • Micron
  • Procter & Gamble
  • SanDisk

Give us a call and see where we can help your team achieve a higher value on your SAP SCM technology investment.